Ultra Raceway’s dream is to be the best 1/10 Electric Off-road radio-controlled racing club in the country.  To maintain this top-class club, not only takes up a huge amount of time but also is very costly.  To enhance the facilities at the club, the club and race fees alone are not sufficient and therefore we are in need of extra funds.

As a fund-raising exercise, Ultra Raceway is renting out advertisement space in the form of advertisement boards that will be mounted on the palisades surrounding the track.

What’s in it for you? What are the advantages/benefits of buying advertising space?

  • As a sponsor we will list your business on every platform we are active on (i.e. our website and Facebook page)
  • We will list and mention your business name on racing brochures with every major event.  In doing so, you will help our club reach its dream and in turn it will be of great benefit to our community.

For the full marketing presentation, please click here.

We understand that most people are under enormous time pressures and do not have time to get a board manufactured. We have partnered with a supplier who can manufacture the board and even put it up against the palisades on your behalf!

The cost of the advertising space itself is R2,000 per set (inside and outside) per annum. Should you require the manufacturing of the board, the first year will cost R3,500. (R2,000 for advertising space and R1,500 for the manufacturing and mounting of the board.) Should you wish to continue with your sponsorship for the next year, the cost will amount to R2,000 + inflation.