What is RC Racing

What is Radio Controlled (RC) Car Racing?

RC Racing is an international accredited sport. In a South African context, there are clubs all around from Cape Town to Tzaneen and everything in between. Mulitple world championship events were hosted in South Africa, the last being as recent as 2017 in Welkom and 2013 in Pretoria. In some countries such as USA and UK, it is clasified as a professional sport.

It is a non-contact hobby and sport. Any person from the age of approximately 6 years and older, male or female can participate. There might be a perception that this is for boys (irrelevant of age 🙂 ) only. This is a misperception: Some of the top racers in both South Africa and on the world scene are woman.

It’s a competitive sport with no age or physical restrictions – anyone can participate. Our youngest racers are 6 years old with the oldest members in their sixties. Members with physical disabilities can also participate and enjoy the sport. The main focus is to have fun, spend time together, building friendships; with healthy competition amongst fellow racers.