What we offer

RC Car Academy offers people of ages 6 years and above the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of RC Racing while benefitting from all the personal learning and development aspects of the sport.


Professional or racing specification Radio Controlled Car equipment is very expensive. It can range anything from R10,000 to R30,000 for a complete kit, depending on the different items you procure. We understand that not everyone can afford to buy this equipment, especially if (as a parent specifically) you are not sure if you or your child will continue with the sport for a long time. At RCA we try to breach this gap by making equipment available on a rental option. Not only will you save the money on the initial layout for the equipment itself, but you will also save the ongoing running costs such as for new tires, batteries, wings etc.

How to determine the skill level of the participant

In the racing world, everything is about how consistenly the racer can go around the track, with as high pace, cornering and accurate jumping as possible. Although age might play a role, age is not how we distinguish skill in this sport. That is the beauty of it – a child of 10 years old can compete with an adult of 35 or 60!

We will distinguish between the following skill levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professional

Below are a three videos which will give more context of the type of skills one has for the different levels:

Ultimately, once a racer is fast and consistent enough, he is ready to move to the next level. We will do regular time trials on a set track layout taking the avergae laptime of 5 – 10 laps. This will ultimately determine whether the participant is ready to move to the next level. Each racer will progress on his own pace, taking the pressure of him / her. Some racers will advance quicker than others, but that is the beauty of RC racing – there will always be room for improvement, and the more you practice, the better you will get.

Duration of classes

Classes will be approximately 45 – 55 minutes in lenght. A class will cover various aspects, but every class will include:

  • a small theory class, outlining what will be covered and why it is relevant and important to become the next racing legend
  • practicals – this will take the mojority of the time in the classes where the participant will be racing with the cars, obtaining different skill sets
  • a quick debrief on what was learnt
  • learning to skill and discipline to clean and maintain the vehicles. This is a crucial part of the sport – making sure the equipment is in top condition

Constant Feedback reports, videos and photos

We understand that the best way for any parent to feel that they are getting bang for their buck is if they can see that the child is enjoying the activity, learning and growing different skill sets. For this reason, our trainers will give detailed feedback on the registered email of every participant, stating how the improvements, areas where the child is excelling, areas he or she needs to work on, as well as sending personalised photos on videos of you child on a platform such as Whatsapp. It is important for us to take you as the parent on this journey with us and give you the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and engagements with your child on his or her new beloved sport!

What about Covid19 protocols and safety

The safety of each participant is of utmost importance to us. We understand the risk of Covid-19 and will make sure that this activity is safe. The cars, remote controls and any other equipment will be sanitised between different classes. Our trainers will ensure that there are proper social distancing between the participants. This is a non-contact sport which is a fantastic opportunity for participants to enjoy the fresh air outside while being in a safe operating environment.

Other safety protocols will be followed – all partcipants will be trained on the safety aspects of the cars as well as general safety protocols such as wearing closed shoes, how to safely pick up cars when marshaling etc.

More details will be given through with the sign-up process.