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Occupation Therapist Report
A detailed report from renowned Occupational Therapist (OT), Cara Weir-Smith, explaining the positive attributes of the sport can be found here.

An extract of the report outlining some of these attributes are as follows:
PHYSICAL attributes including, but not limited to:
sensation, sensory integration, perception,spatial awareness,motor planning,gross motor,mobility,balance,fine motor,repetition,rhythm,coordination,strength,Endurance,Range of Motion,Posture,
Types of movement – translational finger movements,Indoor play,Outdoor play

PSYCOLOGICAL attributes including, but not limited to:
expression of feelings,control of feelings,frustration tolerance,coping with pressure,expression of needs,gratification of needs,sublimation,playing/exploring,tolerating risk,trust,independence,Passive,Creativity,Reality testing,Ego defence mechanisms,Exploration of feelings and emotions,Responsibility,Involvement,Sharing,Interaction,Self-image,Body image,identification,Contrived,Real experience,Active participation

COGNITIVE attributes including, but not limited to:
Attention, Concentration, Discrimination, Generalisation, Use of symbols, Perceiving cause and effect, Abstract thinking, Reality testing choice, Language, Following demonstration, Following directions, Reading, Writing, Numbers, Orientation, Awareness of time, Memory, Range of knowledge, Goal setting, Planning, organisation, Number of processes, Speed, Imagination, Creativity, Logic, Problem solving

INTERPERSONAL attributes including, but not limited to:
Individual or group, Mixed or segregated sexes, Communication, Cooperation, Competition, Negotiation, Compromise, Leadership, Structure, Rules, Interaction, Isolation, Variety of relationships, Involvement, Role opportunities, Family engagement